MVP Generally

This MVP generally consists of mimimum product features that any Startup Founders wants to test the market which would be sufficient to approach their target audience.

This allows the end-users/customers to start using the necessary features within a short span of time. Short Span ensure that users can start using the product and Founders can be rest assured that their concept will grow as you get more inputs.

This increase the confidence level of Founders that their concept is well accepted by their target audience and they actually start spending more money. This MVP process has helped our clients succeed in the market even with a tight budget to start with, where every penny counts.

We, at Appriffy always been to help you grow and maximize your returns and validate your product idea. Appriffy worked with expert team of Developers, CTO, Product Consultants, Advisors and Mentors and Architects who will provide you all the consulting you need to rollout your MVP strategy within a very affordable cost.We always look forward to work with Entrepreneurs across the world and act as a valued partner rather than a mere vendor. The engagement will start with signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement.