Hire Developers On-Demand Basis (Dedicated Individual /Team)

  • A Dedicated team defines as a Factual Employment Set-up.
  • This model offers the benefits of Long-Standing Outsourcing along with an effectual and established team who works dedicatedly On-Site or Off-Site as per the client requirement.
  • We provide Trained Developers either for Contract Hiring, which is at least for Six months, or else Long-lasting Hiring and the commitment will be of 1 Year minimum.
  • Devoted Individual/Team works solely on projects as specified by Client.
  • These resources/ will work for you Five days a Week and Eight hours per day as per Market Standards.
  • Additional advantage to be derived here is that this model offers most reliably, which is required at the time of developing large projects with a greater amount of experience.
  • As we deliver developer on hire which functions as a devoted team for businesses. Client, in this case, can control the human and technical resources engaged in his project accomplishment.
  • We can shape and deploy a highly talented team of programmers, with the right infrastructure, Onsite/Offsite based on a client’s specific business needs.
  • Appriffy will conduct the Interview for the developers in the presence of client.
  • By hiring a devoted group, a client can free himself from long drawn procedure of hiring like HR, Recruitment, Training, Consultants, Compliance and Others, thereby Reducing Extensive costs. This model is ideal for long-standing projects where the offshore support services are sought continually. A model which has been implemented initially can be changed or altered at any point of time if the need arises.
  • Connect, Hire, Pay & Work.
  • NDA & IP Protection.
  • On-Site & Off-Site.

Working Model Of Developers On-Demand Basis (Dedicated Individual /Team)


Developer Requirement From Client


Appriffy Marketing Team Will Collect the Requirement and Send An Acknowledgement Mail Or Message To Client


Appriffy Tech Team Will Work On The Requirement And Find A Developer Or Team Of Developers


Interview Or Introduction Between Client And Developer Takes Place


Client Approved To The Developer


Invoice Raise


Payment Done


Developer Deployed On-Site/Off-Site

Terms and Condtions

  • - Money is Non-Refundable as after client Approval work will start.
  • - Appriffy will not be responsible if the work failed.
  • - If the client is not satisfied with the performance of the developer then the developer will be replaced between 15 to 30 days under our Replacement Policy.
  • - Appriffy will sign a mutual agreement/mail acknowledgement for both the Developers and client to take up and start the work.