Appriffy works on three models: Developers On-Hourly Basis, Developers On-Demand Basis (Dedicated Individual /Team), Developers On Fixed Cost/On-Project Basis (Dedicated Individual /Team)
All resources are part of Appriffy platform and work with Appriffy customers. They are full-time/Contract engineers. We do not operate with Freelancers.
The standard working days of our developers is Monday to Friday. Also, it depends on the business model which our client is willing to associate with us.
Customer would be paying for number of hours developer worked for him. It is “Developers On-Hourly Basis” model.
Developers Operating from customer site should be monitored and managed by customer. Developers operating from our office is monitored and managed by our Tech lead.
Yes, they are our employees. We have pool of resources which we bring on-board immediately or within a week.
Mark-up includes the below: Desk Cost, Compliance, Laptop, Tech Lead (If Developer operate from our site), Margin. If developer works at client location then the Travelling, Food and other Accommodation needed to be taken care by the client on mutual understanding.
We handover all the code repository to customer and collect their sign-off at the time of contract closure.
With each contract we-sign NDA / IP with customer to ensure the smooth relationship and assuredly of delivering all customer assets.
The day we receive request from client, we fulfil the request within a week.
We have two products so far: i) Appriffy – Digital IT Hub Pvt. Ltd. ii) Appriffy Labs
Bangalore, India (Bangalore is Silicon Valley of India)
Yes, we do have developers out of Bangalore.
We have established in 2015.
We have 50+ tech developers with us across various technologies.
Yes, please visit or mail us
If the client is not satisfied with the performance of the developers or if the developer fails to deliver the required outcome then the developer is replaced with mutual discussion with the client for the best benefits of the clients.
Yes, we can provide the feedbacks.
Our developers are experienced in multiple domains such as Graphics Designer, UI/UX Designer & Developers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, PHP Developers, .Net Developers, Chatbot, Pythons, React Native Developers, React JS Developers, Angular JS Developers, Node JS Developers, Game Developers, AI Developers, ML Developers, Block Chain Developers, Word Press, ERP Developers, Magneto Developers, etc.
Yes, you can interview them before they start working for you.
Yes, they are your team members. Feel free to meet them anytime.
Within a week we will be able to provide the replacements.
Yes, you can conduct a basic test.
Within a week we finish all the paper works and then the developers start working in the project.
We have a team of highly experienced developers as well as Team Leads and other Tech Leads to help the developers.
If you don’t like the resource then you can raise a token and we will replace the developer as per your requirement.
Apart from National holidays, developers follow customer based leave policy whether they operate from our site or customer site.
Depending on the requirement you may need to work from our office or client office.
You are part of Appriffy and work with their customers. There is no direct relation between developers and client.
Given you are our employee, Appriffy would be paying you salary.
Appriffy is a Marketplace where we can hire Developers On-Demand and On-Hourly Basis. Appriffy team help Individuals, Startups and Enterprises to build their world class Tech products.
We provide 12 sick leave per year and 4 leaves per quarter to each developer. This is apart from National Holidays.
We are 4 Plus Years old startup now, started in 2015. Based in Bangalore, India.
We have multiple clients across globe.
Appriffy will provide you a platform to groom your skills. You need to Work Hard and Grow.
Yes, we have regular training scheduled across multiple technologies for developers to attend. We also encourage them for certifications as well.
Yes, we have on-site opportunities where Developers work from customer site.
Yes, as we are more concerned about the work to be finished you can work from anywhere unless client demands or Appriify demands you to come to office.
We compensate the same either with salary or compensatory off.
Yes, we do take advance payment to initiate the work.
Our business model is dependent on the model which you are opting.
Sorry, customer can’t hire Appriffy resource directly.
Appriffy used its either .com, .in mail ID only.
No, Appriffy never accepts Payment in Savings Account. Appriffy Bank Account Name Starts with Appriffy-Digital IT Hub Pvt. Ltd. Appriffy is not responsible for any mistransaction by any of its customers/clients/employees to other accounts apart from this. For any queries or help, you can contact via with complete details. Immediate action and enquiry will be taken core.
So far No, but after Covid-19 Appriffy has initiated its strategy to go adopt digital transformation completely very soon.